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Text Box: ChanZ.tv


PO Box 1033

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 593-5118


Television of the Future…








Currently we are looking for more shows and films.

We will gladly stream your content for free.  This is a service we offer to help producers looking to get free publicity.


Are you a film or TV show maker? Do you think you can offer the public something they will want to see? Then what are you waiting for? Upload you shows, films and music videos today.


Submission Guidelines are as Follows

For the computer and net savvy:

  Chanz.tv has set up a FTP account.  However, the files need to be in Windows Media Player (.WMV) format.   For further information, please email to the address above.


Traditional submission.

Either one of following formats will be accepted:  Mini DV, DVD or VHS

All tapes and disks can be sent to this address:


PO Box 1033

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Before doing so, please notify Chanz.tv at this email address: webmaster@chanz.tv

For further questions on how to submit your content, email to the address above.




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