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Welcome to the English section of ChanZ.tv, an International Internet Television Station.

Located in the city of Chapel Hill in North Carolina, it reaches the World through the Web.

ChanZ.tv goal is to be the premier International Internet Television Station.

Currently we are streaming shows in English, French and Spanish.  Over the next year we hope to add more.

The idea of this site first came about in 1981 to its founder, Mark Cares.  On October 28th, 2003 a test site was first launched, where only 8 short 5 minute clips were streamed.  During the next few months, information and web statistics on Chanz.tv was collected.  Then on January 27th 2004, this site was re-launched with 14 complete shows.  The length of these full shows ranged from 10 minutes to full 1 hour long shows.  Since then, Chanz.tv has grown to a library of over 31 shows in several categories and languages, with new episodes being added monthly.